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Date: Nov 7-9, 2017 : 

Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Launching Amexio / Droit in Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal


Amexio Canvas

Amexio Canvas is web based platform to build the Responsive User Interface with Material Design or Bootstrap based themes for your web based Apps as well as Smart Device (Android and iOS) Apps. 

Amexio Canvas is built on top of Amexio API which is based on Angular 4 platform powered by Bootstrap for Responsive Design.  

For a detailed demo or a 1-1 session with us. please fill up the contact form @ the bottom of this page.


Droit API

Droit is a Java Library for fast tracking Micro Services based App development using Event Sourcing, CQRS, SAGA Patterns.  It's Open Source and Free and based on Apache 2 License
Standard Edition

  • Event Sourcing and CQRS Framework, 
  • DDD & SAGA Design Pattern 

Enterprise Edition

  • Saga Execution Container
  • API Gateway & Service Discovery
  • Load Balancer & Circuit Breaker  

Droit Studio powered by Desire3D Platform


Micro Services Platform

Droit Studio is MetaMagic’s MicroServices Automation platform. Droit Studio consists of 30+ individual canvases, called BlueQubes, each dedicated to a specific area of the development stack. Amexio is the first BlueQube under the Desire3D platform that serves the UI/UX developer community.

Amexio Canvas is our web-based UI/UX development IDE that virtually eliminates the need for coding as you build your Responsive User Interfaces with Material Design or Bootstrap based themes. It supports both web applications and Smart Device applications (Android and iOS supported presently).

The Amexio APIs (over 16K downloads at this time and counting) are free to download and use. These are more than most API libraries available in the market, whether free or paid. Our API libraries will keep growing and will always be free. Once you use Amexio API Libraries in your work, the Amexio Canvas will empower you to take it to the next level of efficiency, speed and code quality. It is a full-feature IDE where you simply drag and drop your UI/UX pieces and the IDE generates the code for you. If you are a high-volume, multi-device UX development shop, you will achieve exceptional efficiency with the Amexio Canvas.

Amexio Canvas is available on a ‘pay-as- you-use’ model. No licenses to buy, no subscriptions and no named accounts to be maintained. A simple, flat, transparent cost based on the time you use Amexio


We understand risk, security and regulatory compliance as big drivers of the software development process in today’s world and you will find our architecture providing you the assurance you need on

these fronts without compromise.

To celebrate the launch of our first BlueQube, the Amexio Canvas, it will be free to all developers all over the world till December 31, 2017. We are hopeful you will find it a great addition to your arsenal and will continue to use it on January 1, 2018 too.

We develop software that helps developers develop great software and our motto is singular:


Amexio Canvas Key Features

Amexio UI Components


Amexio Varanasi v1.0 is our first release (June 7) with almost 30 UI Components. With the v2 release in Aug 1st, we touched 50 UI Components and with v3 release we touched 70+ Components. We are planning to have around 100 UI Components by the end of this year - 2017. Checkout our RoadMap.

Amexio Maps


Maps will help you plot your enterprise data on Maps. Checkout our Roadmapfor the announcement of this feature release.

Amexio Charts


Charts based on Angular platform will be launched on August 17th, 2017 as part of Amexio Hampi Release v2.1.  Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.

Amexio Dashboards


Amexio Dashboards will contain Gauges, Data Point Widgets, Data Point Charts, with built-in Dashboard Templates. Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.

Amexio Enterprise Edition


Enterprise Edition is classified into following categories

  • Media (Released with v3.0)
  • Health
  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics

Material Design Support


Amexio v3.x Supports Material Design + Other themes to enhance the look and feel of your Apps. A total of 13 free themes are supported with this release.

  • 5 Material Design Themes
  • 8 Bootstrap based Themes


Amexio API Downloads

After releasing the first version of Amexio on June 7th, 2017, Amexio UI Library was downloaded 7000 times by the end of July 2017 and by Oct 26th it touched 17K downloads.  This early recognition inspires us to do more and we are pleased to announce our next major milestone  a month earlier than our initial plan in Amexio series which is Bootstrap 4 support with more components. So in three months the total number of components supported in Amexio has risen to 70. Along with this we released the Plugin support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Atom Editor to fast track the development. 


Responsive Design

Angular 4 UI Components are powered by Bootstrap 4 with Responsive design enabled by default. Checkout Amexio Features.


Amexio Micro Site