Ketan Gote


Co Founder / Chief Development Officer

After getting his Masters in software development from Pune, Ketan started developing software products for a security provider. As he likes to call himself, he is a full-stack guy and security provided him the opportunity to work the entire stack and come up with pervasive and sustainable security designs and products.  

Ketan joined IBM and worked on large projects servicing customers in North America. He worked across multiple products and technologies and started specializing in SOA and scalable architectures. He put this expertise to use to help customers translate futuristic concepts into real-world solutions and before he knew, he was the resident SME for a whole lot of things for his team and clients.  

While Ketan is a hard-core techie at heart, he realized he had a strong desire to share his knowledge and ideas to brain-storm, train and mentor. And as things turned out, he has the skill to do so too and rose rapidly in the organization, taking on a mix of technical and people management responsibilities. His knowledge sharing includes both in-person and blogging for the community at large.  

Ketan is an avid bicyclist (a car moves your body, a bicycle moves your body and soul is how he sees it) and has bicycled extensively in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountain range.